St Louis Cardinals beat Pittsburgh Pirates - as it happened!

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Well the Cardinals jump out to the early series lead, just as Pedro Martinez said they would. Carlos Beltran's three-run blast, his 15th home run in the postseason, one that ties him with Babe Ruth for playoff blasts, was the difference in the game. A.J. Burnett could not have been worse, and if I were a knee-jerking Pirates fan I would never want to see him again, no matter how good he has been to the organization. Wainwright was as great as he can be, and Carlos Beltran talked after the game about just how much fun that was to watch, which must make Mets fans feel great. 

Anyway, the Cards show why they won 97 games, but it's just one game and there's no reason to panic...right Pittsburgh?

We'll be back with more playoff coverage tomorrow when my colleague Hunter Felt provides blow-by-blow coverage of Game One of the ALDS as the Red Sox host the Tampa bay Rays at Boston's Fenway Park. Until then, goodnight. 

Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, Final

Nope, just a single, his second of the night - he has half of Pittsburgh's four knocks tonight. 

Now it's up to Justin Morneau to extend this game for no reason whatsoever and waste everyones time.

Can he do it...?

Nope, he grounds out to you know where, and even though Carpenter bobbles it, he throws over to get the former AL MVP just in time. Ballgame over 


Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, top of 9th

Trevor Rosenthal, the new closer for the Cardinals, one who replaced the ineffective Edward Mujica, one who throws some ridiculous heat, is now in the game to finish off Pittsburgh.

Marte finishes 0-4 after flying out to center field. Walker strikes out when Rosenthal pulls the chain for the second out. It's all down to Andrew McCutchen, can he hit an eight-run homer to tie this one up?

Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito)

Obligatory "Even could close this one out" tweet.

No, Ken Rosenthal's bow-tie could close this one out. 

Adam Wainwright

Here's the line on the Cards ace who was all ace tonight:

7IP 3H 1R 1ER 1BB 9K 1HR

That was 105 of the easiest pitches anyone has thrown in the history of baseball. He'll be ready to go again in about a half hour. 

St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals)

How did the open the scoring in the 3rd inning? Look no further then this blast:

Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, bottom of 8th

Now these guys are playing like they have a plane to catch, even if they don't have a plane to catch. Matt Carpenter grounds out 6-3, shortstop to first base, then Beltran pops out to the catcher in foul ground. That leaves it for Matt Holliday who lines a two out base hit - he's 2-4 on the night. 

Adams strikes out and this inning is indeed history. 

Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, top of 8th

Great play by the new pitcher Carlos Martinez who is falling to his right as Russell Martin hits a slow roller on the left side of the field - Martin bounces back to his left and chases the ball down and fires from his knees over to Adams to get the Pirates catcher - superb play there by the 21-year old Dominican reliever!

Jose Tabata pinch hits for Barmes and promptly grounds out to third - that was quick.

then Pinch hitter Jordy Mercer replaces the pitcher and strikes out swinging - that was quick. 

Inning over. 

Incidentally, the Cards did make some defensive changes - Pete Kozma came in for third baseman David Freese and then swapped positions with Descalso at shortstop. 

Mercer stays in the game and replaces Barmes at shortstop for Pittsburgh. 

Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, bottom of 7th

Mazzaro gets Frese looking, Descalso pops out to center field, then Hawaiian Kolten Wong pinch hits for Adam Wainwright who is done for the day. Wong grounds out to second, inning over. 

Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito)

This game has been so bad that Sinead O'Connor is writing an open letter to it.

That Tito, such a kidder. 

A.J. Burnett

So Gomez is done, and Vin Mazzaro is now on in releif. That reminds me - I didn't post Burnett's line, which is a real shonda, let me tell you...

2IP 6H 7R 7ER 4BB 0K 1HR

For the record, A.J. face eight batters in the third inning and did not record a single out. Eesh. 

Seventh inning stretch

Usually, this is the time I post a bad youtube clip of someone singing Take Me OUt to the Ballgame. Since that button is broken today, I will post this question - I would greatly appreciate an answer via twitter or email. 

Thank you. 

Avery † (@stayhumble_Lo)

Why does everybody stand up and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when they're already there? ~Larry Anderson

Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, top of 7th

Wainwright is back out there to continue his domination of Pirates hitters and he continues his domination of Pirates hitters, striking out Justin Morneau. 

Then Byrd bounces to Adams at first base, who has to race to the bag to beat Marlon and he does! The Cardinals bench thinks it's funny because Adams is big and thus, doesn't run all that well.Generallyl, people enjoy watching big athletes run.

Pedro Alvarez strikes out. That's nine of those for Wainwright.

Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

Has Yadier Molina lost status as a deity? You always used to refer to him as God...

Well, he is God. I just didn't want to confuse the readers. 

RUN! Cardinals 9 - Pirates 1, bottom of 6th

So here's Gomez out for his fourth inning, and it's Beltran who is back at it at the plate. Another bouncer to second base retires the best center fielder who ever played for the New York Mets who is now a Cardinal and isn't life great?

One down.

Holliday pops out to McCutchen who is waiting in center field to make the catch before big Matt Adams (did we mention he was big?) walks. 

Yady is up and he has a base hit to the gap in center field and McCutchen bobbles the ball! Adams comes all the way around to score and he is now very tired because he is so big and running when you are big makes you tired, TBS reminds us...

Anyway, more slop from the Pirates. It's a double for Molina, and the heavy breathing Adams scores on the error by McCutchen. Amateur hour. 

Jay bounces out to second, another painful Pirates inning in the books. 

Cardinals 8 - Pirates 1, top of 6th

Adam Wainwright looks phenomenal, and needless to say, he can really kick back and relax with a six run lead. He's up over 80 pitches now, but as TBS says, Wainwright routinely hits the 120's on pitch count, which kind of makes him a modern day , but not really. 

Marte grounds out to Adams over at first, so does Walker, then McCutchen bounces to Descalso at short. Pittsburgh have just three hits through six innings. 

RUN! Cardinals 8 - Pirates 1, bottom of 5th

The Cards finally get to Gomez. Jay walks, Freese lashes a base hit to center field. Descalso is next - he bounces to Walker at second, he tosses to Barmes who steps o the bag to get one, then he fires over to first for the doub....wait, no, for the error! He throws it a way, and here comes Jay to score! It's another run for the Cards, who benefit from some sloppy high school like fielding. 

Wainwright lays down a sac bunt to get Descalso to second base before Matt Carpenter pops out to Marte who had a poor read on the ball. Ugly stuff from the Bucs tonight. Inning over. 

Leon Last (@llast)

Bit late-was going to say Pirates! Maybe not!

I tell you what, I'll give you another shot at it...

So many questions...

Can the Pirates make a game of it?

Will the

Will the Romney family ever come out with a

Seriously, just Romney cookbook questions right now please. 

[email protected] 


Cardinals 7 - Pirates 1, top of 5th

Martin hits a ball off the pitcher but the ball heads to, yes, second base, where Carpenter gobbles it up and fires to first to get Russell. One down. Then Barmes and Gomez go down on strikes - the seventh Pirate to do so in just five innings. 


Mike Matheny speaks in the dugout

On Adam Wainwright:

He's really thrown the ball well, good curveball going to day it's nice to watch.

Yeah, no kidding. Not as fun as Hurdle. 

HOME RUN! Cardinals 7 - Pirates 1, top of 5th

Pedro Alvarez takes the first pitch of the inning off the second deck facade - that's some shot! So Pittsburgh have a run on the board as Alvarez reaches out and crushes an outside fastball, nice piece of hitting. 


Cardinals 7 - Pirates 0, bottom of 4th

Beltran and his big postseason bat is back at the dish - no long ball this time, just a pop out in foul ground on the left side that lands in the glove of Pedro Alvarez. Matt Holliday bounces to short and Adams singles to right before Molina grounds out to third to end the inning. This Gomez is alright isn't he?

Clint Hurdle speaks in the dugout

...we embrace hard around here. Game 164 didn't start the way we wanted, no doubt about that...This is right up our alley. We embraced hard all season long this is nothing new. 

If Clint Hurdle was being held in Somalia after being kidnapped by real Pirates he would say that his Arabian Sea sailing trip didn't start the way he wanted but that escaping captivity is right up his alley. 

The Cards are just 13th in NL home runs in 2013, so imagine the surprise when Carlos Beltran went deep with a three-run blast in the third inning to start the scoring.
The Cards are just 13th in NL home runs in 2013, so imagine the surprise when Carlos Beltran went deep with a three-run blast in the third inning to start the scoring. Photograph: Jeff Roberson/AP

Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito)

I can't be too harsh about St. Louis to be honest: After all the greatest day of my professional life happened there in 04.

I didn't realize you signed your Cleveland contract in St Louis. That's a little odd isn't it?

Cardinals 7 - Pirates 0, top of 4th

He'll strikeout. Threat over. Inning over. 


Cardinals 7 - Pirates 0, top of 4th

Beltran's home run was 443 feet, the second longest by a left-handed hitter in this new Busch Stadium, that's just an FYI that comes courtesy of our good friends at TBS.

So now Wainwright, who by the way, is still perfect (remember? I won't blame you if you don't), faces Marte to lead off the Pirates fourth inning. 

Nothing doing for Marte who can do nothing with an inside fastball - that's four strikeouts now for Wainwright - at least Marte saw 12 pitches, but that's small consolation down seven runs.

Now Walker is up he hits another ball over to second base for out number two. 

Here's McCutchen, and get this - it's a base hit, right up the middle and a baserunner for the Pittsburgh Pirates! Hallelujah! By the way, I spelled hallelujah right the first time - I checked (pats himself on the back).

So now the perfecto/no-no is gone, and there's a second Buccos baserunner after Morneau loops a base hit to right field. So a tiny two out threat here for Byrd. What will Marlon do?

Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

You're being harsh on fans.There were a LOT of them in Chicago when I saw them play Cubs in July.Good travelling support

Eh hem, pardon me, um, Tito - do we agree? 

Cardinals 7 - Pirates 0, bottom of 3rd

So the 25-year-old Venezuelan right hander, Jeanmar Gomez is in to try and pick up the pieces in this half inning which is in and around a half-hour long...not that anyone is counting. 

He gets Descalso to ground out to short for the first out.

The Cards have bat around, which we know because Wainwright is back at the plate - remember when he led off with a walk? That was 450 years ago. This time he grounds out to third before Matt Carpenter pops out, also to third. That's a 1-2-3 for Gomez, who arrives about five batters too late. Ugly frame for the Bucs. 

Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito)

Yeah but hey struck out looking and not swinging once, which is WAY WORSE, so Carlos Beltran is overrated in the postseason.

Cue the lemon juice on the paper cut. 

Charlie Talbot (@charlietabloid)

slow Buccos start mean and I already having the DH row to pass the time. Abomination in my view.

That debate seems like a viable alternative to what Pirates fans are seeing out there. I'd move on to the meaning of life next and then maybe call it a day. 

RUN! Cardinals 7 - Pirates 0, bottom of 3rd

Mr Freese lines one down the first base line past a diving Justin Morneau and into right field! Here comes Adams, Molina is coming home, and, as an extra bonus, Jay scores after Marlon Byrd botches the relay throw - what a mess! Cards pile on the runs, and here comes Hurdle to get Burnett, about three batters too late. It's a shonda of an inning for the Pirates as A.J. suffers a total melt down in Game One. 

RUN! Cardinals 4 - Pirates 0, bottom of 3rd

Oh no, he didn't do that. He didn't walk in a runner, right? What? He did? 

Burnett's fourth walk of the day sends John Jay to first and Matt Holliday home or a fourth run. Cards putting up a crooked number here in the third and there is still NOBODY OUT! What is up with that?

Jeanmar Gomez is warming up in the Pitt pen. 

Cardinals 3 - Pirates 0, bottom of 3rd

No panic from Clint Hurdle means no action in the Bucs bullpen. Good thing Burnett walked Molina then. 

That's enough to get someone warming up...finally. Not sure what he was waiting for, this isn't July you know. 

Bases loaded, John Jay up, Burnett is over 60 pitches and he's not out of the third yet. 

Cardinals 3 - Pirates 0, bottom of 3rd

Matt Adams to the plate and he's hit by a Burnett pitch that lands right on his feet, which momentarily shakes up the Cards first baseman!

He's OK, luckily for St Louis as they are already thin at the position with Craig out. So no Burnett is falling apart here and here the man you never ever want to see in a big spot. It's that Molina, again. Gulp. Two on, no outs...

HOME RUN! Cardinals 3 - Pirates 0, bottom of 3rd

Carlos Beltran whacks one DEEP, DEEP down the right field line, if it's fair it's....who am I kidding, you already saw the score change. Beltran has another post season blast, which gets the amazing, really special St Louis crowd on its feet. 

Then Matt Holliday laces a double into the gap in right-center field, and the Cards bats have awoken in the third. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, bottom of 3rd

It's a seven pitch war between Burnett and the pitcher Wainwright and it ends with a walk to the pitcher - yikes. That may be the most pitches and Cards batter has faced this game, no wonder they were so excited in the dugout. 

So the lead off runner is on, and A.J. falls behind 3-1 on the next batter, Matt Carpenter, who has really come out of nowhere to be an all-star. Next pitch is a base hit to right field, it finds a hole in the infield because Walker was cheating towards second base looking for the double play. So two on, no outs for Carlos Beltran, which is trouble...

This just in...

We are in the bottom of the third inning, and seven of 15 total outs have been on ground balls to second base. It's a bit disappointing actually, I figured at least ten were outs at 2B. We'll keep you updated on this major development. 

Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito)

I'll even take Philly fans over Cardinals fans. Sure they keyed my car but they wouldn't expect prizes for NOT keying it.

Yeah, and they would expect that. Then they would take you out for provel cheese pizza, which is downright offensive. They are soooooo nice. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, top of 3rd

Russell Martin, who hit two homers in that Wild Card win over the Reds on Tuesday, strikes out here, and Wainwright looks pretty darn good doesn't he? That's seven straight retired to start the game for the Cards ace. The good news is that the shadows are gone...I don't want to brag but I predicted that would happen - how's that for analysis. 

Clint Barmes laces one down the third base line but Freese dives to his right to make a GREAT CATCH! Full extension from the home town kid, whose power has seemed to melt into his glove. At least he's still got that ability.

Two down - A.J. Burnett, who hits it to second base! Where's my spray chart...three down, Wainwright perfect through three innings. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, bottom of 2nd

And now we've got back-to-back singles as Jay dumps one right into the sun field at Busch Stadium. McCutchen had zero idea what was happening, and the result is what we call "a situation". David Freese, whose power numbers dropped into a deepdark hole this season, hitting just nine homers, steps to the plate. 

The former slugger hits it to....drum roll please, Neal Walker at second base. YES!

He turns and fires to Barmes at the bag to get the force and retire Jay for the first out of the inning.

Runners at the corners for Daniel Descalso who he hits a hard ground ball right to Barmes at shortstop (not second base), he steps on the bag at second to get Freese for one out, fires to first to get the second out, and that's what we call an inning ending double play...or sometimes we call it a pitchers best friend. That's got to be pretty lonely for the pitcher though...

Pittsburgh get out of that little jam, side retired. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, bottom of 2nd

Get this - we got ourselves a real live base hit. Yes indeed - and guess who? Yeah, Yadier Molina, who bounces one off the usually reliable Clint Barmes in shortstop. They call it a hit but I'm not convinced - smells like home cooking in the scorers box. 

Heck, I won't complain, I'll take any sort of offense. Here's John Jay to try and pull that neat trick again. 

Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito)

I always assume the Cardinals will win. They could have Rufus Wainwright pitching this afternoon and I'd vote for them.

I'd expect Tito to agree with Pedro - he's always pandering to the players. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, top of 2nd

No's back to second base. Yup, that's right. Perhaps they should take all eight fielders and just position them around the second base bag, I mean, better safe than sorry. 

Three down. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, top of 2nd

Justin Morneau is up next, and he grounds out're never going to guess...that's right, second base! Has their ever been a double no-hitter where every ball was hit to second? I'm getting Elias on the line.

Now up is Marlon Byrd, who is a media darling right now - he's gotta be up there with Andy Pettitte on the esteemed list of most beloved PED offenders . 

Congratulations to him, not only has his career been revitalized since returning from that 2012 suspension, he didn't hit a ground ball to second base, which represents progress in this game, even if he did strikeout. We'll take it. Two down for Pedro Alvarez, who is looking for that elusive ball out of the infield. Let's see what he can do. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, bottom of 1st

The beefy Adams hits a weak puny ground ball, guess where? To second base, again. Can you believe that? That Neil Walker is a very busy man. 

Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, bottom of 1st

So here's A.J. Burnett, who Yankee fans could not wait to hurl out of the Bronx, and when they did, it the Pirates got a heavily discounted ace-ish pitcher, during a time when few would consider going within a space ship of PNC Park. Burnett could have squashed the deal with a no-trade clause but he probably wanted to get out of New York as well. The Yanks are paying for $20m of the $32m he was owed during the past two seasons...which is much better than a kick in the teeth. 

He gets a quick two outs, both on grounders to second where Neil Walker makes the plays - Matt Carpenter and Carlos Beltran both retired.

Then Matt Holliday draws a two out walk, and that means the burly Adams is at the plate with an opportunity. 


Pirates 0 - Cardinals 0, top of 1st

Neil Walker is next, and bounces right back to Wainwright who says thank you very much and fires over to the husky Matt Adams at first for the second out. Then Andrew McCutchen grounds to third for out number three, which means it's 1-2-3 for the Cards ace to get this party started in St Louis. 


First pitch

Adam Wainwright faces Starling Marte, starts him off with a sinker, finishes him with a curveball - strike three. Well, that was easy. Very tough light out there right now, the shadows are messing with hitters in a major way. This too shall pass. 

Cardinals fans

So if you read the preamble, you know that Cards fans are very proud of their status as some of the best in the US. Well, if you're looking at the marketplace to back that up, it doesn't. How much are they paying to get in and watch their Redbirds? Not much at all...

Robert Cheney (@robacjr)


TBS are talking thunderstorms, which makes me very very nervous. No rain delays please!

It's also 85 degrees, which is quite warm for October, even in St Louis. 

First shots

And there is is, Busch Stadium, dressed up in red with those little white towels that should be banned along with the tune "Seven Nation Army", forever. Why do they continue to hand these out? Playoffs = free towels?! Ugh. It looks like 45000 people having some fun in a shower room...doesn't it?

And a few more predictions...

Some big picture forecasting, some for tonight and also some insight from Josh Chetwynd who is broadcasting this game live for BBC 5 Live Sports Extra in the UK.

Pedro Martinez is back with the gang in the TBS pre-game show in the US, and he has picked the Cardinals - I have seen him go 2-0 thus far. Does anybody know if he picked Tampa or Cleveland in the AL Wild Card game?

Liz Britton (@lizziebee3)

Pirates v Red Sox in WS ... Sox to win!

Laurence Smith (@laurencesmith72)

I think it will be close, but Burnett will get the win.

Josh Chetwynd (@joshchetwynd)

Tigers v. Dodgers (though I'd like to see Pirates/Dodgers v Red Sox)


A few words from Jonny Gould, the former co-host of the UK's live coverage. 

David Lengel (@LengelDavid)

Two NL picks for the World Series? put it on the line Gouldy - I have Pittsburgh going all the way through.

Later tonight

So the Dodgers will be taking the field in Atlanta for Game One of the other National League Divisional Series at 830PM EST and 130AM BST - if you can manage staying up in the UK and Europe I'm gambling it will be worth it. 

Dodgers news

Los Angeles announced that Andre Ethier will be on the postseason roster - he'll be playing the role of gimpy pinch hitter like another certain ex-Dodger I know...

Ethier needs to work in his limp, it has to be just right. 

Meanwhile, that LA lineup doesn't look so deep now does it? 

Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers)

lineup at Braves.


As always, here are your starting lineups. Fairly straight forward for both teams, less of course the absence of Allen Craig who is out for the first round with foot issues. That's a bigger loss to the Cards bench as Matt Adams hit 17 homers this season in part-time work. 

Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates)

Here are the lineups for Game 1 of the NLDS.


So now that the NFL, (cough) I mean, MLB Wild Card games are over, we can finally get back to how baseball rather than football is traditionally carried out, and that means a real, honest to goodness, bona fide series play. The Divisional Series round of playoffs can last as long as five games, which after watching all those elimination match-ups, sure seems like an awful lot of rope for these guys. The elongated schedule will finally allow us to sink our teeth into watching some highly entertaining baseball teams, including today’s live game, the St. Louis Cardinals vs the Pittsburgh Pirates, in a more traditional and less frantic format. It also allows fans more time to engage in more traditional fan activities, including the pastime of complaining about other fans. with this little pre-series barb.

So you'd have thought that baseball fans didn't exist before last night's "playoff game" in Pittsburgh the way people are fawning over the PNC Park crowd.

Very snippy - very self involved - shame on you Cardinals fan.

It’s the kind of comment that illustrates just why the Cardinals are hated around baseball. They see themselves as wholesome, Midwestern folks who just adore rooting on their Cardinals in red pullover sweatshirts. A harmless slice of Americana from the best fans in the world.

Others know the truth about the Cardinals, who are the Yankees of the National League - they’re pure evil. last season, look . We can go back further, much further - title in 1946, an outrageous baseball offense, one repeated in their foiling another ringless Red Sox legend, Carl Yastrzemski, 21 years later. To 1985 when Ozzie Smith and Jack Clark tortured Dodgers in the NLCS. Yadier Molina’s 2006 against the Mets - there’s more - a lot more, including Tony La Russa's devilish doings - it goes on and on and on.

And even after , 11 World Series titles, 18 pennants, 26 playoff appearances, Cardinals fans can’t even allow Pirates faithful, who are coming off 20 years of losing baseball, to let off a little steam without taking it as an affront to their superior fandom? Now, there’s nothing wholesome about that now is there.

It’s interesting that one of baseball’s chief powers are showing sensitivities about this current Pirates phenomenon - isn’t it the way of the world that the conquerors are usually far less concerned with the conquered? This can only mean that the Cardinals fan is worried about what they’re about to get into, a baseball guerrilla war against a rapidly rising group of rebels who present a true threat to their elevated status, one that has the arms to actually put them down.

The Pirates first offense begins with A.J. Burnett, their Game One starter who arrived in Pittsburgh two seasons ago as Today he represents a core piece of the Pirates metamorphosis, one who has enjoyed both success and failures in past postseasons. As a Yankee, he once beat the Philadelphia Phillies Cliff Lee in the 2009 World Series, but he’s also been pounded. What will we get tonight from the veteran lefty, who was 3-1 with a 3.67 ERA against the Cards in 2013?

Adam Wainwright has had a lot more postseason success than Burnett, but Pirates optimists can point to his last outings in the NLDS, when Washington ripped him up to the tune of a 7.88 ERA - this season he was 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA against the Bucs in 21 innings.

I’ve already put it on the line, picking the Pirates to move on in five games. How about you? Send me your predictions, along with your deepest thoughts and feelings - don’t be afraid to open up to us and the world - email:

[email protected]

or tweet

We're geting set for live coverage of Game One of the NLDS - it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates vs the , coming up in just a tick.