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It may not have the same cinematic pedigree of baseball (though as America , perhaps Hollywood could take it on?), but there are still plenty of cricket-related moments to choose from. Have we hit you for six with our - ahem - five selections, or are there other clips that deserved to make the list? Share your suggestions in the comments.

The Lady Vanishes

This pre-war Hitchcock classic sees the brilliant cricket-obsessed comic double act of Charters and Caldicott showing more interest in goings-on at Old Trafford than what is unfolding around them. In this famous scene, the frustrated Charters sees his chance and pounces on a long-distance call from London that isn’t for him. But he’s left incredulous: “You can’t be in England and not know the Test score! Can’t you find out?” - ah, the frustration of being an Englishman abroad.


There are umpteen films featuring cricket, but Lagaan is the daddy of them all. Villagers must master the English game and defeat their supremely dastardly colonial masters. Pretty much every single cricketing eventuality happens in Lagaan, but the climax to the match takes some beating.

Hope and Glory

If there’s one thing that a man needs to tell his son before heading off to war, perhaps never to return, it’s that he should master the googly. “A good batsman will spot a googly. A good bowler will hide it.

“Always remember that, son.”

Chennai 600028

is about friendship, love, and cricket. Set in modern-day Chennai, and with an intense rivalry between two suburban teams called the musical-worthy Sharks and the Rockers, the film has , who is moving into the area of his hated rivals.

I know how many runs you scored last summer

While Shaun of the Dead sees a cricket bat used in a way , Aussie slasher flick features a whole gamut of gruesome cricket-related violence. I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer feels like one of those films where they started with the title and worked from there. As the tag line states: “Mass murder... it’s just not cricket!”